Friday, February 6, 2009

Welcome and some history

Hello, my name is Peanut and as the description reads I am the Evil Bunny Overlord of 2 human slaves, 1 cat slave and 4 other bunnies. I am an adorable minirex, but don't let the cute face and name fool you, I rule this place with an iron paw.
I chose my human slave, Mel while she was volunteering at a local humane society about 4 years ago. I'll admit I am much happier with her than in the shelter or out in the cold. I was the only bunny for quite awhile and we moved around a lot for a few years. I truly became the overlord I am today this past year, as my number of slaves and underlings has grown a lot. The first additions to my furry army were George and Gracie, my cuteness commandos, then there was a short time I was in command of a large white rabbit named Bing, then along came Moo who is my demolition expert and the last addition was Fuzz who is known as "desert combat bunn" for his unique ability to blend into his surroundings (if he was in the desert). My original slave has brought me two new slaves, who I suppose I will put up with. The recent addition is the cat slave Sapphire who is learning the ropes well so far.

I suppose I'll leave it at that for now, the underlings may get a chance to post at a later time.

~ Peanut

P.S Thanks for reading
~ Mel


  1. Hello there, Evil Overlord Peanut! Sounds like you have your paws full overlooking all those underlings! Glad you found time to start a blog :) We'll be back to read more about your evil lording adventures!

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere evil bunny overlord peanut!