Friday, February 20, 2009

Vet trip for George and lockdown :(

My cuteness commandos George and Gracie have been a little under the weather lately (for Gracie this is an ongoing thing unfortunately, I'll elaborate later).  So today my slave took George in to get checked out.  While at the vet they discovered that he has mites!! (ewwww)  Unfortunately this means we ALL have to get treated and get confined to our cages for 10-14 days :(  I was told the mites can live off of us for at least 10 days so to make sure my rug and the other furniture are free from them, we need to be kept off of them for that time.  It is going to be very tough on us and my slave, she is going to have to bleach our cages every day to make sure the little buggers are gone.  Ugh, lets just hope these two weeks go fast. :(

But back to George and Gracie.  The vet said that George must have something else the matter with him for his mites to be causing so much trouble with his skin, healthy buns generally remove all signs of the mites through grooming so they are undetectable.  His teeth are good and his tummy felt fine so they took some blood to try to find out what is wrong.  He is pretty sad that Gracie isn't doing so well this might be part of his problem.  These guys were the first addition to my furry army, my slave adopted them back in May of last year.  George is the lop while Gracie is the little up-eared bun.  Their job as cuteness commandos is to distract the slaves with their cuteness so that I can get away with more mischief.  Gracie is particularly adept at this, she even gives kisses to the slaves!  Gracie is far from being a young bunny and has had lots of health issues, but my slave does take very good care of her.  She has very bad teeth, can't put any weight on and has been on 2 antibiotics and pain meds for quite some time.  She hasn't been doing so hot lately and needs to have her molars trimmed tomorrow.  Hopefully she pulls through, I'd hate to lose such a great member of my army.  Paws and ears crossed for little Gracie.


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