Sunday, February 22, 2009

Goodbye Gracie :'(

Yesterday poor little Gracie was diagnosed with kidney failure and had to be put to sleep today.  She fought many illnesses and teeth problems but this was finally too much for her.  At least now she is free from pain and binkying at the rainbow bridge.  You are forever in our hearts Gracie, you will be greatly missed by us all.



  1. Oh dear ... Gracie, we hardly new ye. A sad time....

    Thanks for stopping by the "House of ...." .. Goldie is, like Fuzz, also an American Fuzzy Lop. She is a really nice bunny to hold and pet ... she sits and purrs her teeth like mad!

  2. Oh no.. we're so sorry about Gracie :( Binky free, little one.. we're gonna miss you..

    How is George holding up?

  3. He seems to be okay so far, I'm hoping he stays okay.

  4. We will miss you Gracie. You were a very special bunny. Extra hugs to George...:'(