Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 8 of Lockdown

Day 8... this really isn't fun, I'm so tired of being locked in my cage all the time.  I think my slave is going to cave and let us out before the 14 day mark, 10 days is the minimum and 14-15 is recommended but I think it is bothering her to see us locked up.  She keeps apologizing to us, even though we know it isn't her fault and it has to be done.  But I think I'll act mad at her for awhile so she doesn't forget who is the overlord.  

Since we are all locked up there isn't much going on so I thought I would post a picture and write a little about my cat slave Sapphire.  She came to us over the Christmas holidays, she was adopted from a shelter.  My slave said she was a birthday present for her, but I think she really was my Christmas present, since she has turned out to be a good slave.  It took a little training, but once I showed her who was boss she came around quickly.  I had to chase her around and use all of "her toys", etc. to make sure she knew I was in charge and own everything.  She quickly caught on that when I put my head down in front of her it means she is supposed to groom me.  It isn't quite as good as bunny grooming but at least I don't have to always do it myself.  Also you can see that I allowed her to lay on my rug for the picture but soon I chased her off to her spot on the couch.  The rug is mine and when I want to lay on it she is not allowed anywhere on it, unless maybe I let her groom me for a bit before I kick her off.


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  1. What a beautiful cat. Lock down is such a drag.:(

  2. Way to go, Overlord! Grooming on demand.. you've trained Sapphire very well! Cats really should be put in their places :p

  3. Cats ARE weird... but apparently good slaves... maybe we need one!