Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Haircut for Fuzz

Hahaha...  Poor Fuzz, my slave decided he needed a "hare"cut last night.  He was too embarrassed to even come out of his pen.  Unfortunately, he has temporarily lost some of his desert camouflage skills but on the bright side he would be able to infiltrate some stuffed animal or sheep groups *snicker*.  Apparently he is shedding pretty badly right now and my slave thought it would be better for him to be trimmed up to try to prevent some matting.   She claims no responsibility for the uneven fur on his head, saying it just grew in that way.  A likely story...   I have to say I'm glad this is my blog and not Fuzz's or these pictures never would have made it to the internet.   They don't call me the Evil Overlord for nothing .

I guess I'll share the story of how Fuzz came to join my furry army.  Fuzz aka Sir Fuzzalot (although I refuse to call him sir, that's just the name my slaves came up with for him), is an American Fuzzy Lop and came from Rabbit Rescue.  He tells me he was rescued from a shelter and put into a very wonderful foster home.  When he came to the shelter he was sick and very badly matted, they had to shave him and his foster mom (his words not mine) nursed him back to health.  He came here after my slave saw him on the Rabbit Rescue website and just had to adopt him.  He is the newest bunny addition to my army and the youngest. 


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  1. Awwww Fuzz!!! Don't be embarrased, you still look pretty darn cute to me :D