Monday, February 9, 2009

Vet trip for Moo

Today my demolition expert Moo had to go the vet.  She has been sneezing the last few days and my slave thought it would be best to take her in.  Luckily it is nothing serious, she told me the vet said that it might just be some irritation and is not on any meds yet.  This is very good news as I would not want to do any destruction work myself.  However, if she doesn't improve by Thursday (my vet trip *shudder*) she'll need some meds.

I guess this is a good time to tell everyone how Moo came to be in my furry army.  She is a half lop with helicopter ears and one of the larger members of my army.  This fall she was given to my slave by a friend who no longer had time to care for her.    This was their loss and my gain!  Moo has excellent destruction skills, she has taken over all of my chewing chores.  I haven't had to chew anything since, well except that one time the laptop cord was calling to me...  When difficult to replace or expensive items are involved a certain amount of finesse is required and I like to be paws-on.


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  1. We hope Moo stops sneezing and won't need any yucky meds!

    That's very smart of you, Peanut.. leaving the mediocre chewing work to the others, and saving the tender cords for yourself ;) We'd love to get our teefs on some cords ourselves.. it's been too long since our last cord fix but the humans have done a good job hiding all the cords!

    ~ Buttons & Yohji ~
    (Hans doesn't chew because he has bad teefs)