Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hi everyone, sorry for the long delay in posting my slave has been crazy busy. George had a nasty bout of fur block at the end of August, but thankfully he got over it without needing any risky surgery. She wrote some big test called the MCAT in Ottawa on Sept 12. Finally she has been very sick for the last 2 weeks. Us bunnies have been easy on her lately because we feel sorry for her. Luckily she has been giving us lots of treats to make up for being sick and not being able to play with us as much.

Lily won a bunspace contest for her great "butt dewlap" photo above and the prize was a donation to her favourite rescue, which is of course Rabbit Rescue! The money went to help special needs bunnies through the Fiver Fund.

The bonding between George and Lily has been going slow since my slave has been too busy to work much with them but apparently George doesn't want to wait! During George's out time yesterday he managed to jump into Lily's pen! My slave couldn't believe it, there really wasn't much fur, so they must not have fought much (they are both shedding anyway). Also, no apparent injuries either. She doesn't know how long he was in there for since she had been laying down and they didn't make enough noise to wake her up. She found them eating hay together in the litter box, but since Lily looked a little stressed she split them up. Perhaps a bond isn't so far off.

Thanks for reading