Friday, March 6, 2009

Yay freedom and news!

My slave is too busy today to take any pictures, she is busy with studying for some big exam and she has to prepare for the new bunny coming tomorrow!  After we lost little Gracie, my slave thought she should get a new friend for George since he doesn't really get along with Moo yet.  I'll make sure my slave takes some pictures of her.  I'm looking forward to having a new member of my furry army, plus I've heard she is a fellow minirex, perhaps she will become my second-in-command in time. 

We all enjoyed our freedom yesterday, except Moo.  At first she didn't know what was going on and thumped a few times, she is silly some times.  Such a scaredy bunn, if she wasn't such a good demolition artist I might not let her serve in my army!  George and Fuzz were binkying up a storm.  George hasn't binkied in a long time so my slaves were very happy to see him do it.  I'm not one to really show emotion but I did enjoy getting out of my pen.


  1. Aw go ahead and cut loose now and then, Peanut!

  2. Binkies! Yay George!

    How exciting that you will be adding servants to your terrifying army! Keep those slaves in line.