Friday, March 27, 2009

Lily to the vet

Poor Lily needed to go to the vet today for the bite mark on her face.  Last night my slave decided she didn't like how it felt and called the vet first thing this morning.  Unfortunately, there was an abscess forming :(  She got it cleaned out and is now on antibiotics.  My slave feels terrible that she was sick and couldn't take Lily in sooner.  But it seems like it was caught early enough for it to still be easily treated.  Hopefully it heals up quickly.  To top is all off, poor Lily seems to have gas today too and isn't eating.  Poor bunn, I'll make sure my slave gives her extra pets and treats.


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  1. I thought she might get an abscess.If her gas is bothering her you can give her pediatric simethicone suspension with a small syringe. Give about 1-2 cc's for a medium-sized rabbit, and accompany with gentle tummy massage.
    I hope she feels better soon.

  2. Come ON Lily ... if Chico can, you can ...

  3. my rabbit if desease GI statis (not eating/drink/cool ear) give simethicone & enzym usually heal.