Friday, March 13, 2009

We are back!

Introducing Lily!  She is the newest member of my furry army.  The slaves are hoping she will be a new friend for George.  She is a very disapproving bunny, so she is fitting in well!  I have also discovered that I am on the small side for a minirex.  Apparently we should weigh around 3-5 pounds.  I'm just under 3 now and Lily is much larger than me, so are a couple of other minirexes my slave recently met.  Regular rexes are 7-11 pounds (very big!) though, so she is definitely not one of them.  However, what I lack in size I make up for with bunnitude.  Lots more to tell from the last week, I'll post another update tomorrow.


Thanks for reading


  1. Lily does look rather disapproving here! Hopefully she won't disapprove too much of George :)

  2. Lily is so cute . I have 2 mini rexs and one is very disapproving and the other is a doll!