Friday, March 13, 2009

Updates from this past week

Poor Fuzz had to go to the vet on Monday because he hurt his eye.  I guess I'll admit that I hurt his eye, but I didn't mean to!  It was because my slave has decided to "bond" Fuzz and I.  Ha!  The evil overlord does not bond to anybun :P  I may accept him as a roommate if I can get him trained properly though.  She kept sticking us together and I would get annoyed at him and I accidentally scratched his eye.  He is apparently a slow learner, he has started to groom me though, so he is getting there.  There may be hope for him yet.  He went back in for a check-up today and the vet said it is healing well.  But don't worry it is not serious or anything.  Lily also went in for a check-up today, she got a clean bill of health plus some meds to make sure she doesn't pick up any nasty mites that might be still hanging around here.  

Sorry no pic today since Fuzz and Lily were so annoyed at having to go the vet, my slave thought she would be nice and leave them alone.  I say she should have just done it anyway, I don't have wimps in my army (except maybe Moo...), but oh well.  I'll make sure she posts more soon, even bite her if I have too.


Thanks for reading


  1. Be careful ... a good army is a healthy army ....

  2. We hope Fuzz's eye is much better now. Have mercy on the underlings, Overlord. Fuzz probably just needs some more time to learn how to please great beings..

  3. Well if he grooms you then I suppose it is acceptable... but as long as he knows who is boss!