Monday, May 18, 2009

Update on Moo

Moo is home and doing well.  She is still not 100% but she is getting better every day.  She has 2 motility meds she is taking for a few more days.  Hopefully, she is back to her old self soon!

The rest of the army is doing well.  Chopper's eye seems to be staying the same, although it is tough to tell.  My cat slave also is doing well, her latest allergy episode seems to be cleared up.  


Thanks for reading


  1. Aww we hope Moo is feeling back to her old self again soon!

  2. So glad to hear Moo is getting better. Good thing you have a vet that seems to know rabbits. The vet. clinic where I work, we have 5 doctors and only one of them even sees exotics like rabbits! I think I know more about them than she does:( such a shame...

  3. Peanut ...

    Life is hard sometimes. Especially for bunnies and bunny owners when a bunny is sick. we all know the feelings.

    You all hang in there and do your best. The House of Rabbits sends their best bunny vibes!