Friday, May 15, 2009

Moo is sick :(

Yesterday my slave noticed that Moo seemed a little off in the afternoon.  When checking her out she noticed that her ears felt cold and her lips looked like they were turning blue.  So off to the vet she went.  She went through what George did, she had to have her stomach decompressed and strangely it was fluid instead of gas again.  The vet wasn't sure she would make it at that point, but she made it through the night and seems to be improving.  I'm not sure she is completely out of the woods yet, as I was told she still isn't eating, but she is in good hands at the vets.  So here is hoping Moo gets better soon and no more of my minions get sick!  I think I jinxed it with that last post...  I'm sorry Moo!


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  1. Peanut, we sure hope moo gets better soon! We will say some bunny prayers for him:)