Saturday, May 16, 2009

Moo is coming home!

Moo is doing much better and is coming home from the vets today!  Hopefully she stays well now.  My poor slave was worried sick about her and the whole army is happy she is coming home.  Bad luck comes in threes right?  So this should be the end of sick bunnies hopefully!


Thanks for reading


  1. YAY Moo!!! We are so utterly happy that you are feeling better! Now, you must make up for all the mischief you missed while at the dreaded vets:)

  2. Stay healthy everybun! and Slave too. Thanks for coming to the Spots party you were our very first guest.

  3. How is Moo doing now that she is home? I hope your sickness string is over - it is horrible when the furries are ill :-(