Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chopper is staying

My slave decided she couldn't bear to have him go to another home and has decided to adopt him.  So now I have a new member of my furry army!  Five minions plus three slaves seems pretty respectable for an evil bunny overlord.  

My army is staying healthy for now which is really good.  Here's hoping we all stay healthy so that my slave doesn't have to worry about as as much.  Also, being sick sucks...


Thanks for reading


  1. Wow, your evil empire is expanding fast! Good job!

  2. Looks like Chopper will keep his ear to the ground for any late-breaking developments!

  3. Yay Chopper! Mom said, "Wow, what a surprise" when she heard!!! Teehee....

  4. Thanks for welcoming us to bunny blogland, we have waited a long time for momma to let us have a blog:)