Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Foster

So my slave has gone a little crazy and is taking care of a new foster rabbit.  I haven't met him yet as he's being kept away from us for a few days.  My slave seems to really like him though.  She says he is really sweet and cuddly.  Hmm, he might make a great cuteness commando...  A cuteness commando's job is to distract the slaves with cuteness so I can get away with more evil things.  She also said he would have been put to sleep by the end of the week if someone wasn't able to foster him.  I guess I can't blame her for wanting to save a bunny.  Although I think she owes me a few extra treats.   


Thanks for reading


  1. Whoa! Peanut! That's a Dutchie! A Dutchie can be very good in your army. They have an "attitude!"

  2. what a great mommy you have - and he would definitely distract our mom he is so cute.

  3. Poor little fella! Bless your slave for saving his life! And you deserve a whole bunch of bananas for opening up your fortress to the dutchie :)