Thursday, April 23, 2009

New foster and kitty update

My slave is still quite sick, so I suppose I'll cut her some slack for not posting more pics of Tander yet.  My paws just can't work the camera, so I can't do it myself.  I'll make her post them soon.

My cat slave is doing okay.  She was sent home with some steroids to help her.  My slave is also switching her to hypoallergenic food, in case that helps.  My slave caught the flare-up early so she didn't even need any antibiotics (if the sores are left too long they can get infected).  This will probably be a lifetime issue with her, she may need to go on the steroids permanently, but right now they are just treating it when it flares up.  

Now the real news, new foster bunny!  His name is Hopper, she isn't that fond of the name.   She thinks it's too generic/common for a bunny and she might try to change it.  Poor thing has had a rough life so far it seems.  My slave wasn't told much at the vet when she picked him up, but it appears he had a huge abscess on one of his front legs/chest, he has a problem with one of his eyes and he is pretty skinny.  But my slave says despite this he is really sweet and loves pets.  She will take some pics when he is feeling a little better.


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  1. Poor Hopper! We're sending lots of good wishes and healing vibes his way so that he gets better soon.