Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hoppy Birthday Charlie!

Little Charlie is 7 years old today!  He has really bad teeth but is such a little trooper.  He loves his meds, I just hold out the syringe and he comes running.  He got lots of treats and snuggles today :)    

Pics by Studio Lapin


  1. Happy and Hoppy Birthday Charlie. Another treat for the birthday bun from the 4Buns of Fun, OK????

  2. Hoppy Birthday, Charlie! Mickey says you should be getting all the treats you can eat on your day. (Of course, he thinks everybun should get all the treats they can eat every day, but that's besides the point. :) )

  3. Hoppy Birthday Charlie!! What a good boy who takes his medicine! You deserve extra treats for that. I hope your slave knows that...