Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We are back with a new arrival!

Sorry for the delay, we've had some computer issues and my slave has been very busy. But she promised me we would be posting a little more regularly now.

We have a new addition to the army! Her name is Pearl. She was an Easter present for a 3 year old girl and was quickly forgotten. Her owner was going to send her off to be someone's dinner, but my slave couldn't let that happen. She looks like a Flemish/New Zealand cross and weighs around 10 pounds. She is a very nice bunny. I'm always happy to have new members of my army.

Here she is pictured with a size 8 flip flop, she is a very big bunny! The largest member of my army.

Thanks for reading!


  1. SHE IS GORGEOUS, we love the big girls.

  2. Welcome Pearl! D.Moll is so right, you are GORGEOUS!

  3. Wow, Peanut, what a wonderful (and rather big) addition! I'm glad your human did the right thing.

  4. As the army grows, it grows ever cuter

  5. Welcome home, Pearl! She's a real beauty.