Friday, December 3, 2010

Adoption madness!

My slave has been terrible about keeping this updated, I'm very disappointed in her. I wish I could type without her help! However, she has just gotten a new job and will be working days again. Hopefully this means more time for us bunnies!

Sammy has finally been adopted! She will be going to her forever home tomorrow. She will be bonded to a sweet little boy bunn. My slave will miss her so much, but Sammy needs a home with less bunnies. Being bonded in a 2 bunn home will be perfect for her. She was bonded when she came to the shelter, but her mate passed away. Let's hope for a quick bond and a happily ever after for Sammy!

Fosters number 3 and 4 have been adopted and are doing well in their new forever home! The big brownish bunny is Flynn. He is a 3 legged Flemish Giant cross. His wifebun is Fenella, a New Zealand cross. They think he was hit by a car, his front leg was so badly broken it needed to be amputated. But he doesn't seem to miss it, he still does big binkies and runs around like crazy. They are very sweet bunnies, my slave misses them very much, but is very happy they have a new home. Being such big bunnies, having more room is much better for them.

Hopefully my slave will be able to adopt Opal now that she has a new job! Just have to wait and see how finances are after the holidays. But I don't think Opal will be going anywhere :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Howdy Peanut
    I don't know where the year has gone to and now there is another New year trying to zoom past me at warp speed !
    Try to be a little extra understanding with us humans we sometimes miss what is right in front of us . Glad to swing by and get caught up a bit.
    Wishing you all the best in 2011 with lots of good news to report as you can .Take care now !
    Until next time
    Hoppy Trails