Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of posts my slave has been busy studying for something she calls the MCAT, I don't know what that means, but it sounds kinda scary.

Anyways, lots of vet trips recently. Chopper was first he had a few more tests done and he seems to be fine. He still drinks a lot but it might be something behavioural the vet said, so we are just going to keep an eye on him for now. Moo had a little episode of gas or something but she didn't start eating again right away, my slave had to force feed her for a few days. She had her teeth checked out and they are fine, so with the heat and all it must just have taken her a bit to get over the tummy trouble. She is now back to normal it seems so that is good. Finally on to me, I had a check-up today and I seem to be over my respiratory infection! Woot finally!! I'm now being weaned off my injections and hopefully the infection is gone for good. So hopefully my army and I stay healthy for a little while now. This has been very hard on my slave both emotionally and financially.

My slave is very excited for Rabbit Rescue's bunfest this weekend!

She isn't going to be bringing me since I was sick and she dosen't want the stress to bring it back, but she had better bring me some yummy treats home!

Thanks for reading



  1. Keep that army healthy and you too, PNut, your slave need a stable environment when she goes to take that nasty test. Bunfest looks like a blast, hope you get some many, many, many treats.

  2. Glad the nasty infection is gone and everyone is on the mend:)

  3. We just keep all our toes on 40 feet crossed for you guys!

  4. Hi Peanut, good to hear that you don't need to take nasty medicine anymore and you're well! I have finished taking my meds as well - they're nasty but my mum says I had to take it anyway.
    We don't have a bunfest here, but if I were you I would insist on treats being brought home! mum says good luck with the MCAT, whatever it means ;-)
    - Miss Eve