Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Now Chopper is sick :(

Just as I think I'm starting to feel a little better another member of my furry army falls ill. It had been such a bad year for my army, and a pretty bad year for many other bunnies out there in blog land. Lets hope this bad luck is nearly over and done with! I want my army and all my bunny friends out there to be healthy!

My slave noticed poor Chopper had a snotty nose this morning and got him in to see the vet this afternoon. He was put on antibiotics for his "cold" and that will hopefully clear it up quickly. However, the vet also noticed one of his kidneys felt bigger than the other and that he is dehydrated. He sure does seem to drink and pee a lot, but I always thought it was just because he is a much bigger bunny than me. So we are anxiously awaiting the blood test results to find out if there is something wrong with poor Chopper's kidneys. I will post as soon as I hear something, it likely won't be until late tomorrow or Thursday.


Thanks for reading


  1. Fingers crossed that Chopper can be treated successfully and he's going to bounce back - bunnies are such delicate furries...

  2. So sad when buns are sick:( Sure hope Choppers' kidneys are okay, will keep him in my thoughts and prayers:)