Friday, June 12, 2009

More Fuzz antics!

I just had to share what Fuzz did the other day. My slave was watching TV, as she has been sick the last few days as well, and she saw Fuzz sit over her phone modem box thing for a little bit. I heard her say to him "You aren't peeing on that are you??" It turns out he did! hehe I have to admit I must be rubbing off on him as that was definitely something very evil to do! My slave thought at first that he just barely got it and it would be okay. But then there was this awful smell my slaves described as 'burning plastic', they frantically ran to the box and discovered it was sparking and smoking! They quickly unplugged it and took it outside so it wouldn't cause a fire or something. Admittedly, the thought of fire was scary but since there was no fire we can laugh about it.

I guess to describe the situation a little better, the phone box (my slaves have what they call a cable phone) was sitting on the floor underneath a stool that the phone sits on. It was on the floor because the cords were too short for it to sit on top with the phone. There was a plastic square grid over the box and Fuzz sat on that. The square grid things are used to make little storage units but my slave used them to build Moo's house and uses them to try to keep us bunnies out of places we aren't supposed to be (like that works ha!). The phone box was near George's house and the grids were there to try to protect the box, but they got knocked down. Fuzz was over there trying to annoy George and he usually pees closer to the pen but I guess he felt like changing it up this time.

Just a quick update on me, I'm still feeling pretty lousy but hopefully the meds kick in soon. I found out I have Pasturella and now only need 1 of the 2 antibiotics, I guess that is kind of a good thing as I really don't like my meds. They are supposed to taste like banana but I think they taste funny.


Thanks for reading


  1. WOW, that is pretty amazingly tricksy naughty. Hope your meds kick in soon Pnut. And your hoomin feels better too......

  2. My that Fuzz is a stinker! You are all so lucky there was no fire! Sure hope your medicine gets rid of the yucky pasturella very soon, no fun being a sick bun:(

  3. You guys sure make fun out of hard times!

  4. That IS very evil! You train your minions well ;)

    We hope you get better soon.. how dare the Pasteurella invade a being as evil as you??!