Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Caught on camera!

Sorry for the delay in posting, my slave as been very busy with work stuff lately.  But hopefully she'll keep the blog a little more updated now.  Of course my slave would post this picture, she thinks it's cute. I try to keep my cuddle time with Fuzz private, but every now and then she catches us. I guess I have to admit that Fuzz and I are "bonded", I guess I'm getting soft in my old age.  But I'm still the Evil Bunny Overlord, I make sure Fuzz knows who's boss.  I even bit my slave tonight because she fed us too slow.  Fuzz grooms me and provides entertainment for me, so I don't mind having him around.  You can even seem some of the mess he likes to make in this picture, my slave can't keep up sometimes.

As of right now the army and slaves are staying healthy.  My slave was sick last week, but she is feeling better now.  Moo and the cat slave are doing well.  So, paws crossed that everyone stays healthy for a bit now.


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  1. Awwww, what a sweet picture! Of course, having some rare cuddly moments here and there doesn't make you any less of an evil overlord ;)

    Glad to hear everyone's been doing well!

  2. Oh how cute you snugglebunnies are! Wish mine would bond! Glad to hear everyone is feeling well:)

  3. I use to have a bunny that looked like Fuzz called Cadbury...so sweet..Every Evil Bunny Overlord has to have a few soft moments. I notice though you are hiding behind his ear hoping that we don't recognize you!!

  4. well you do make a cute couple!