Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wow time flies!! Update part 2

My slave has really been slacking, sorry for the delay.  Although I partially think she was avoiding the next part of the update.  

There has been a lot of sadness for us over the last few months.  First just days before the big move, Georgie wasn't feeling well.  It seemed like gas at first, but in less than 12 hours he was gone.  It turns out he a very severe pasturella infection.  He was so good at hiding it my slave did not see any signs early enough to stop the infection.  He just couldn't wait any longer before seeing his Gracie again.  I hope they are very happy together again at the Bridge.

Not long before the big move, Moo decided that Chopper was alright after all and escaped and bonded herself with him.  My slave was very happy and very surprised.  Unfortunately it wasn't meant to last, but they did comfort each other during the move.  She may have known he wasn't well.
It was discovered some time ago that poor Chopper had bad teeth.  He went in for a molar trim/recheck when they discovered he had two rotten infected molars.  He had them removed and was not allowed to eat solid food for a whole week!  The poor fella was not happy.  However, during that week he was worse than expected.  He was miserable and lost a lot of weight despite being fed lots of critical care.  When he went in for a recheck my slave was convinced he had an infection in his mouth that was making him so unhappy.  However, it was even worse news.  The vet discovered his stomach felt very bloated even though he was still pooping, so decided to do an x-ray.  The x-ray showed that poor Chopper had a stomach full of tumours.  He had been fighting this a long time but had never shown any signs before he had his teeth done.  My slave made the tough decision to help him to the RBB because he was so unhappy and obviously in a lot of pain.   

Binky free my friends.

I don't want to cut it off here without updating with some of the good news around here.  We have 4 new foster bunnies!  Pictures to come very soon, I promise this time!!  I will bite my slave til she cooperates!

Thanks for reading


  1. SO sorry you had such hard times.....but we are excited to see the FOUR new fosters!

  2. oh that's been a tough time for you all. Glad to hear about the four new fosters though!

  3. I'm sorry to hear your sad news. It sounds like you've had a very difficult month. Looking forward to reading about those fosters, though! :)

  4. Such sad news! Sending you our deepest sympathy on your loss. Looking forward to reading about the fosters, new bunnies about always seem to bring smiles with them.